Taylor Van Dyke

Chiropractic Assistant

Hi everyone! I am Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and moved to Virginia at the end of 2019. I am the Chiropractic Assistant at Whole Body Health and am very excited to be a part of the team! My personal healing story began as a patient, frustrated and struggling with GI issues after years of being dismissed by my medical doctors. They would reluctantly run some labs… and either say “everything is fine” or they would prescribe medication. Whole Body Health, however, took the time to listen, validate, and reassure and help me find answers without involving prescription drugs.

My attention to detail and love of organization makes me the perfect person to ensure the office runs smoothly in order to help more people live their best lives. I am passionate about guiding patients on their wellness and healing journeys – and I always strive to create an unforgettable patient experience. 

When I’m not at Whole Body Health, you can find me taking long walks around town with my partner and our son, spending time with friends outdoors, or seeking out new, healthy restaurants around the DMV [DC, Maryland, Virginia area. 

 I love living a wellness lifestyle and know first-hand how chiropractic and functional medicine can improve your Whole Body Health!