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Whole Body Health Chiropractic Offers Non-Invasive Laser Therapy.

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Laser therapy is a modern care method that delivers better results when relieving various forms of pain in your joints and spine. A chiropractor uses specific wavelengths to care for and alleviate pain in their patients. At our clinic, Dr. Gustitus uses laser therapy to handle your problem directly at the source.

What to expect when you give us a visit

  • Consultation with our chiropractor
  • Diagnosis of your problem
  • Care using a laser
  • Follow-ups

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What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy involves using light to accelerate your body’s natural healing process. A chiropractor uses a laser beam, and moves it over your skin so that light energy can penetrate the tissue and interact with different molecules that cause various biological effects.

How Laser Therapy Works

The wavelengths produced by the laser are converted by your body to help heal damaged tissues. Support using a laser beam is not painful. You will experience a warm and soothing on the injured area. A session would last approximately 10 minutes, sometimes three depending on the size of the injured area. Light waves produced by the laser stimulate the tissue cells and stimulate the following.

  • The mitochondria: The cell powerhouse triggers cellular growth and reproduction. The moment you stimulate it using a beam, that area experiences an accelerated development of cells.
  • The Fibroblast: Light energy from the laser stimulates fibroblast development. The fibroblasts are cells in the connective tissue responsible for producing fibers and collagen required to heal the damaged tissue. This method leads to faster wound healing and reduced recovery time.
  • Metabolic activities: This care promotes a rush of oxygen-rich blood to where an injury is. This helps your body enhance immune response and the enzyme count required to start the healing process.

When these three processes happen, healing of the injured area is catalyzed. Pain and inflammation are reduced, and the recovery time is shortened.

Other benefits of laser care include:

  • Improved joint mobility and blood circulation,
  • Reduced fibrous tissue,
  • Anti-inflammatory reaction, and
  • Increased nerve function which removes the tingling feeling and numbness you feel at the point of the injury.

Frequency of Laser Treatments

Patients are different; some would get immediate results, while others need up to 10 sessions to experience a lasting effect. If you experience severe or acute injuries, probably you may need fewer sessions than if you have chronic or severe injuries. The care frequency required if you experience severe or acute injuries; you may require only one to two sessions for two to four weeks and then one more session for two to six weeks. Laser care varies from one person to another depending on the injury, how long it has been there, and your healing ability

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With our chiropractic care, you don’t have to do anything alongside a laser care session. We may prescribe stretching or other exercises if needed, but this is on an individual basis.

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