About Whole Body Health

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Dr. David Gustitus providing a chiropractic adjustment to an adult male

Whole Body Health

Rather than treating the disease a person has, we use the chiropractic principle of the three T’s: thoughts, traumas, and toxins, the underlying causes that created the disease in the first place. Instead of just treating a symptom, Dr. Gustitus will look “upstream” and ask, “Why is this happening? What is the root cause of the problem?”

At Whole Body Health, we blend chiropractic with a functional medicine approach. We utilize a variety of diagnostic tests to uncover imbalances in systemic functions and hormones, nutritional deficiencies, and toxicities that are driving your poor health. Commonly used tools include nutritional evaluation, meal plans, supplementation, exercise prescription, stress management, and whatever means necessary to restore your health.

Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of disease and not the underlying cause of that disease. Collections of symptoms are grouped into similar patterns and are labeled as disease. Regardless of their different lifestyles, genetic tendencies, and environments, people with the same disease are prescribed the same pharmaceutical drugs.

Lifestyle and environmental causative factors are given little to no attention. As chronic illnesses worsen, the conventional medicine answer is to give more potent pharmaceutical drugs to suppress symptoms, like plugging up holes in a leaking dam. This approach considers disease and its treatment as inevitable and thus disregards the body’s innate capacity to heal.

whole body health doctor shaking hands with patient after providing chiropractic adjustment