What to expect as a new patient ?

We strive to create a healing partnership as we learn about your wants, needs, and goals, and then we create a customized program to help you get there.

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Your First Visit.

Before your visit, we will ask you to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire and gather previous test results. This will help Dr. Gustitus to understand your health history, previous diagnostic results, previous treatments, and your current concerns. You will then meet with Dr. Gustitus to develop a mutual understanding of your health history and your goals for care. He will perform a detailed exam using a postural evaluation, hands-on examination, and digital xray analysis to identify functional, structural, and neurological imbalances and lay a foundation for working together. Based on your needs and goals, he may order advanced diagnostic tests at this visit. Appointment time will be 30-45 minutes.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing.

On a case-by-case basis, diagnostic testing kits are used to assess your complete health picture at the genetic, systemic, and cellular level. Following our whole body health approach, we can identify what you need to work on to heal from current illnesses, work on preventing future illness, and help you achieve peak performance.

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Your Second Visit.

During the report visit, Dr. Gustitus will combine your history, consultation, and test results to come up with a priority list of what needs to be addressed to help you reach your goals quickly. He will make suggestions using the most researched spinal correction technique in chiropractic called Chiropractic Biophysics to help restore alignment, strength and function to your brain-body pathway. He will incorporate holistic lifestyle principles of detoxification, nutrition plans, exercise and posture instruction, sleep hygiene, stress management, relaxation, and supplementation. Appointment time will be 30-45 minutes.

Your Customized Program.

Dr. Gustitus will serve as your guide on your back to health. He will provide encouragement, guidance, and accountability for you during your scheduled program. During those appointments you will be able to share updates on your progress, challenges you’ve experienced, and you will work together to reach your next level of health. After a predetermined period of time, follow up diagnostic tests will be ordered to review your progress. Dr. Gustitus is 100% committed and determined to helping you reach your health and life goals.

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