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If you’ve ever got an injury or illness, you understand the importance of recovering fast. Not only do you want to regain the pain-free movement, but you also want to ensure that the injury does not occur again. Opting for chiropractic care is a good way to help your body heal faster after an injury or illness.

At Whole Body Health, we aim to deliver long-lasting results. We address issues such as:

  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle flexibility
  • Joint range of motion
  • Back and neck pain

If you reside in or around Vienna, Virginia (VA), and are considering chiropractic physical therapy, contact Whole Body Health to schedule a consultation.

How Chiropractic Physical Therapy Can Quicken Your Recovery

Chiropractic care is a good option for easing sports injury, back pain, and joint pain. Chiropractors perform body manipulation and spinal adjustments to help the body heal on its own.

Before the chiropractic sessions, a chiropractor performs a physical examination, imaging tests, and sometimes blood work to assess your health. This helps develop the right recovery technique that works best for you.

If you have experienced an injury, illness, or disability, we will help you in every step of recovery. Our chiropractor, Dr. David M. Gustitus, is dedicated to providing professional chiropractic care for patients of all ages. Whether you have an auto injury, sports injury, or you are an athlete who wants to improve performance, Whole Body Health is your solution.

What Our Chiropractic Physical Therapy Involves

Lifestyle change

A chiropractor may recommend techniques such as regular exercises, nutrition, and relaxation to speed up the healing process.

Improve your sleep

Quality sleep can improve your immune system, which can make you recover quickly. A chiropractor will fix your spinal alignments to reduce pain and improve the quality of your sleep.

Improve your range of motion

A chiropractor can help you create an exercise routine that will improve flexibility, muscle strength, whole body alignment, and one that works best for your fitness level and lifestyle.

Correct spinal displacement

Bones in your spine can get out of alignment due to an injury or a disease. This can cause lower back pain which can affect your mobility. A chiropractor performs spinal manipulation to reset the position of the spinal joints and nerves.

Benefits of Opting For Chiropractic Physical Care

Addresses a Wide Range of Injuries

Chiropractic physical therapy and rehabilitation is an effective method of getting to the root of injuries. It can help heal injuries such as:

  • Muscle Strains
  • Muscle Sprains
  • Tendon tears
  • Tendonitis
  • Ligament damage
  • Disc injuries
  • Joint Inflammation
  • Whiplash

Speed up the Healing Process

Have you been dealing with an older injury in your back, hip, or shoulder? Chiropractic care can provide you with quick relief. A chiropractor may use an X-ray or MRI to determine the best approach. With the right care plan and regular exercises, you can recover quickly from injuries related to sports, auto collisions, and physical activities.

Get Quality Chiropractic Care for Injuries, Disabilities, and Illnesses From Whole Body Health

Chiropractic care sessions at Whole Body Health will help you prevent ankle, knee, shoulder, and neck injuries. Our chiropractor, Dr. David M. Gustitus, is skilled in adjusting the spine and extremities. By ensuring that the bones are lined up and the muscles are balanced, your body will function well and become less susceptible to injuries.



At Whole Body Health, we offer physical therapy for pain relief, degenerative joint, muscle, and nerve conditions, and functional medicine for whole body wellness. Additionally, we offer affordable wellness care plans for those looking to continue to remain healthy once their problem is corrected. Book an appointment with us today!

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