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– Caitlin G. –

“Dr. Dave is the most competent and caring doctor I have ever met! He has cared for my family through back pain, pregnancy, wellness care, gut issues, and both of my children from infancy on. He is very experienced working with children and pregnant women! Vienna, VA is blessed to have his experience!”

– Sarah P. –

“Dr. Dave is a phenomenal chiropractor. In my 20s, I suffered from chronic pain from endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I was on prescription strength pain killers to get me through my day and be able to sleep at night. When my doctors could do nothing to help my symptoms, I sought alternative care and started seeing Dr. Dave. Within 6 months of regular adjustments, my symptoms slowly eased until the pain completely went away. I continued to see him every other week and successfully kept all symptoms at bay for 8 years. He also helped me through a pregnancy and started treating my daughter as an infant. He even visited us in the hospital after she was born. My daughter loves seeing Dr. Dave and jumps right on the table for her adjustment at 3 years old. We are truly going to miss him in Wisconsin.”

– Carmen D. –

“Dr. Dave is the best!! I was having many health issues from headaches, acid reflux and high blood pressure. I am happy to say my headaches and acid reflux are under control and rarely cause me any issues. My high blood pressure is now at a normal status. All with the help of Dr. Dave and all without medication. Through his adjustments and his advise on eating well and taking vitamins… I feel better and less discouraged. Thanks.”

You’ve Probably Tried It All

Your health is important to you, and your life is precious. You may not be sure whether you have autoimmunity, or you may already know you have it.

You may have even visited your local doctor multiple times just to be prescribed some medicine that isn’t working for you. Either way, you’ve taken the first step in taking an interest in bettering your health and living a happier life.

Through our approach, we do not treat symptoms or suppress body functions. We are different from mainstream medicine. Medications compete with the body’s innate ability to control itself. Our approach focuses on being the detective to find what your body is missing, provide, that and remove what it doesn’t need so you can heal naturally!

You Can Make a Difference

It’s time to take the next step.

Don’t wait to get motivated, to take better care of yourself, to develop symptoms or to realize your life is precious.

You have the power to make a choice and decide how you want to take care of yourself and your family. You can make a positive impact on your health. Make your health a priority!

I’m not offering for you to sit in my waiting room for an hour and give you a list of medications after a 5-minute discussion. I’m offering a focused 1:1 no charge 15-minute discovery call where you share your health challenges and goals.

I’ll Be Your Guide Through the Uncertainty

In 2015, after completing 4 sprint triathlons and attaining my 1st degree black belt in taekwondo, I thought I was in great shape, until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis. Unfortunately, the only medical approach I was given was to treat my symptoms with drugs. I was frustrated medical doctors never addressed why I was having all these issues.

I began to take courses in functional medicine. I attained certification in the Chiropractic Biophysics technique which is one of the most researched and advanced spinal correction techniques in chiropractic. All this training and knowledge was helpful not just for me to heal, but I brought it into my practice as well.

Today, my autoimmunity is in remission, and I am happier than ever. I created Whole Body Health to provide the guidance to help you heal your body from the inside out, to not just survive, but to thrive.

I know you can do it, and I am here to help.


We will look at what you’ve gone through in your health history, any major life events or traumas you’ve experienced, influences, and more that might be impacting your health.


We’ll help you undergo advanced diagnostic testing, in order to help us look for functional imbalances and review recommendations for what’s working and what isn’t to come up with an initial intensive plan.


Our approach is all about giving your body a program that is customized and tailored to your needs so that we’re able to provide your body with what it’s been missing from essential areas of health.

You deserve to be coached by a caring, and experienced wellness doctor whose gone through the feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and being alone.

I have committed myself to sharing my knowledge and experience to help others like you find answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can taking nutritional supplements and vitamins cause more harm than good?

While human genes have not changed over the past 100 years, our environment and lifestyle have changed dramatically. Humans are routinely exposed to more than 80,000 manmade chemicals in our environment from plastics to antibiotics, cleaners, and herbicides. Few of these chemicals have been tested for safety, humans, consuming, modern diets, ingest more artificial ingredients, more sugar and fewer fruits and vegetables, providing less at nutritional benefit, more toxic exposure and contribute to an unhealthy gut and internal environment. Modern living involves more sitting in front of phones, computers and devices, less exercise. And our stress levels are through the roof. These are just a few of the reasons fewer the factors contributing to the rise of autoimmune disease.

Why are autoimmune cases rising so rapidly?

Before we recommend any nutritional supplements or dietary changes, we need to make sure that your situation calls for that. We will help you meet those needs whenever possible with foods first and then with nutritional supplements when needed. We also must review any contraindications to what you’re taking so that we are not interfering with other medications or other issues your body is currently having. Finally, we only recommend the highest quality supplements to help you make sure you’re getting the nutrients that you need.

What if I have an eating disorder and I'm given recommendations for food restrictions that I cannot follow?

The short answer is that we will work closely with you to make sure that our recommendations are appropriate and customized for your needs. It is essential to your success in our functional medicine program, that you are thorough and transparent in providing us with all relevant health information during your health history.

We need to know what you can and cannot do this. Information’s critical to shaping a customized program that you can successfully follow. No two people are exactly alike, and neither should be your care plans.

Are autoimmune diseases curable?

Not at present. It has thought that the best outcome is remission. When the immune attack calms down and it becomes dormant. Medications can help with this over the short term in some cases, but they are risky, expensive and lose effectiveness with long-term use. We can also achieve remission in many cases by taking the root cause approach by addressing the following three components, which are key to regaining your health over a long term, we must address the drivers of auto immunity. We need to provide the body the nutrition, lifestyle, and environment it needs in order to regain proper function.

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