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At Whole Body Health Chiropractic, We take care of the root cause of your Health problems with our advanced chiropractic and Functional Medicine approach.

  • Customized spinal and whole body care
  • Correcting the underlying problem
  • A holistic approach
  • Longer Lasting Pain Relief


Find the root cause and get your life back!

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Wondering how you will recover from chronic pain, injuries, or poor overall health so you can optimize your overall well-being? Our chiropractor, Dr. Gustitus blends advanced chiropractic techniques and a functional medicine approach to help patients of all ages to find answers to their health problems and restore vibrant, energetic health in Vienna, Virginia (VA). Whether it is your first time or you’ve had experience with a chiropractor before, you are guaranteed a new and enhanced health care experience when you visit Whole Body Health.

Your health is a vital part of experiencing a better quality of life. A critical part of health is having a healthy brain-body connection through the spine. The reason is that we live our lives through our nervous system which travels through our spine and connects to every system, organ, and cell in our body. Everything we think, do, and feel at every moment depends on a healthy spine and nervous system since it is the pathway that allows our body’s intelligence to run our body.

Chiropractic care helps you to restore and maintain a healthy spine and nervous system and allows your organs to better handle the effects of stress and to help prevent and lower the risk of poor health and disease. Dr. David Gustitus incorporates functional medicine into his chiropractic care program which then focuses on nourishing the body with the key components of a wellness lifestyle: nutrition, movement, and brain health, so that your healing can be maximized.

With chronic illnesses being more prevalent at all ages today than ever before, it is so important that you be proactive in taking care of your health proactively by finding root cause wellness solutions – and our chiropractor in Vienna, VA, helps you in just that!

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Whole Body Health Chiropractic
Your Ultimate Chiropractic Solution in Vienna, VA

At Whole Body Health, we will help you make healthy lifestyle changes easy and take better care of yourself and your family so you can live your best life with less downtime away from work, school, or play. We want you to live your life’s purpose at the highest level. Don’t wait for a health crisis to give you your wakeup call. Get started today. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our chiropractic care and how we can get you on the road to whole body health.

In good health,

Dr. David Gustitus

Services To Expect at Whole Body Health


We have Chiropractic BioPhysics® CBP® and Functional Medicine services for many types of pain and health conditions.

Traditional chiropractic care involves spine alignment to alleviate physical ailments such as neck pain, muscle strain, chronic back pain, etc. We go beyond offering only these services. Here are the services you will receive when you walk into our clinic.

  • SubluxationDr. Gustitus uses various techniques to either mobilize the vertebrae to move freely or bring them to the proper position.
  • Corrective Spine TractionThis strategy helps relax the muscles and ligaments in your spine to allow the joints in your neck and back to decompress and restore proper spinal curvature.
  • Rehabilitation ExercisesUsing Mirror Image exercises, we strengthen weakened or imbalanced muscles to correct spinal and postural distortions
  • Functional MedicineWe take a whole body, whole person approach to healing from chronic illness and run advanced diagnostic labs to identify systemic and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Weight LossAt Whole Body Health, we personalize a program for your needs and combine it with lifestyle coaching and blood work so you make healthy, lasting changes.
  • Brain RehabVision is more than seeing 20/20. Utilizing the RightEye tracking system, we can detect brain imbalances affecting vision, balance, learning, and athletic performance.
  • Laser TherapyWe offer the latest chiropractic care therapies like cold laser therapy or low-level laser treatments to reduce pain and accelerate the natural healing process.
  • NeuropathyWe address the root cause of your nerve pain and inflammation and help you heal using corrective chiropractic care, functional medicine, and laser therapy.
  • Scoliosis RehabIncorporating Chiropractic Biophysics techniques, we provide corrective spinal adjustments, exercises, and traction to restore posture and ease your pain.






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Read from our patients and see what they are saying about us!

I’ve had an autoimmune disorder for over 25 years which is manifested in poor gait, balance, and other in other ways. I’ve sought out many doctors and protocols with very little impact or improvement. But over the past 2 months of working with Dr... Gustitus I’ve seen improvement in these areas and others! Dr Gustitus’ passion and commitment are refreshing and contagious! Choosing him as a provider is one of the best health decisions that I’ve made!read more
Lynne S
Lynne S
15:46 21 Mar 23
Everything about this office is professional and very welcoming. I would recommend Dr. David and his staff to anyone!
Melinda Moore
Melinda Moore
19:10 06 Jan 23
Very friendly Staff great doctor, and only four visits, my pain when away
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez
13:49 06 Jan 23
Dr. Dave is not just "a chiropractor." People sometimes say they need a chiropractor - no, they NEED Dr. Dave. He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. He is always continuing to further his studies with the most up to date knowledge and... equipment that will best take care of his patients. In addition, he has a lifetime of experience as an athlete (soccer, Taekwondo, etc) so he knows how to treat issues that athletes encounter. He is a "doctor" yes, but he is a person who cares for YOU as a person. We need more of that in this world. He will treat your discomfort, but his goal is to teach you how to be strong in the long run. Sure, you can come to take care of some pain, but once you meet Dr. Dave you'll want to stay so he can give your whole body and mind peace and strength. Wisconsin's loss is Virginia's gain - we miss him here. See Dr. Dave for Whole Body more
Joseph Peterson
Joseph Peterson
00:04 05 Dec 22
Dr Dave is one of a kind. Really! He has gone above-and-beyond to understand my daughter’s health situation and bring a wholistic approach to her care. He has a terrific combination of professional experience, compassion, and a forward-thinking... approach. I couldn’t recommend more highly!read more
Amy Price
Amy Price
15:27 19 Nov 22
Dr. Dave is wonderful! I felt better in my third trimester of pregnancy (after beginning chiropractic care at 23 weeks pregnant) than I did prior to pregnancy! If that doesn’t tell you how great it is, I don’t know what will!
Danielle Young
Danielle Young
01:16 24 Oct 22



We bring the knowledge of some of the world’s top healthcare providers to the community of Vienna, VA!

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Do you depend on caffeine and energy drinks to get you through your day? Still feel tired all the time even after plenty of sleep?

  • Low energy is not normal!
  • Imbalances in the body can deplete you of energy.
  • Finding the root cause of fatigue is essential to achieve a lasting solution.
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